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As we enter our “middle-years,” our teeth become vulnerable to the effects of age and require continued diligence with keeping regularly scheduled dental care. Oftentimes our own oral health takes a lower priority to our kids, jobs, and busy lives and we put off taking care of ourselves.

The effect of ignoring our oral care, is that as we age, our teeth start showing their age too. Years of grinding teeth because of stress, for example, can wear away enamel so dramatically that the tooth can get cavities and infection, leading to root canals, or extraction. Cavities left unnoticed and unfilled will grow larger and require large fillings, root canals, or even the loss of a tooth. Teeth will often be stained, chipped, and sometimes unsalvageable in our older patients. For them, dentures may be the only option.

Hormones often play a role in oral care as well, as do pH balances of the saliva in the mouth. Be aware that what was once passable in terms of brushing or flossing, may need to be stepped up as we mature. Additionally, new bridges, dental appliances, veneers, etc. will change the way you have to care for your teeth and gums, so please ask your hygienist if you have any questions on how to keep your mouth clean and your smile bright.

Here are some ways we can help renew your teeth give you back your youthful-looking smile:

We very much like to avoid any unnecessary, (and unwanted) dental procedures on our patients, which is why we schedule your next cleaning at the end of your visit. We understand your life is busy, however, you and your oral health, and your self-confidence is important. Maintaining regularly scheduled visits every 6 months could save you money, time, pain, and frustration in the future. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment for your dental care if you have any concerns or if it has been more than 6 months since your last appointment.