Christian Alexander, DMD

Dr. Alexander graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry with his dental degree and has practiced dentistry for nearly 20 years! He also received hundreds of hours of post-graduate training and coursework in placing and restoring dental implants. As a dentist, he finds the greatest satisfaction in restoring his patient’s smiles and overall dental health. He always feels most gratified when he can relieve a patient’s pain and ease their fear of visiting the dentist. Dr. Alexander also enjoys volunteering and has taken multiple trips to remote villages in Ethiopia to provide donated dental care to underserved populations.

Outside of the office, Dr. Alexander has been happily married for 26 years to his beautiful wife, Kimbie. Together they have a total of eight children, whom they love to spend quality time with. Dr. Alexander also enjoys exploring the great outdoors and traveling the world with his wife; be sure to ask him where his favorite place to travel is when you meet him!