Dental Appointments: Is There a “Best Time of Day” to See the Dentist?
If you ask around, everyone has an opinion about the “best” time to see a doctor or dentist. The truth is that it depends on you and your personal situation. At Cobblestone in Gilbert, AZ, we have some times of day that are most popular with our patients.

  • Early Morning – Early morning appointments are especially good for professionals who need a cleaning before the hustle and bustle of the workday, or stay-at-home parents who have kids in school. Early mornings are also good for oral surgery appointments, because you can spend the rest of the day recovering.
  • Mid-Day – Mid day appointments are perfect for children. The little ones after a nap are more relaxed, and the school-age children are finished with school for the day. We see a lot of our younger patients after lunch.
  • Late-Afternoon – Late afternoons and early evenings are perfect for family appointments when parents and children can all come together after work and school.

Is There a “Best Time of Year” to see the Dentist?

With the exception of certain holidays, our office is open year-round. However, there are a few popular times of year when we see more patients.

Spring Break – Spring Break is a great time for appointments because college students are home and the kids are out of school—but be aware, this time of year books quickly, so plan ahead!

Winter Break – Winter Break is a busy time for everyone, but a lot of people have days off around the holidays, so we do see a spike in regular dental appointments in the days around Christmas and New Years. We try to accommodate as many patients as possible during these weeks.

Summer – Summer is a more relaxed times for families. With kids out of school, we see a lot of family appointments during the summer. If you have the ability to schedule your appointment in advance, the summer months are a great time to get your cleaning appointment in the calendar.

Fall – During the fall, we see an increase in scheduling, as everyone tries to use up their dental benefits before they expire.  Our schedule fills up quickly, so make sure you plan ahead and schedule as early as possible – don’t let your dental benefits expire!

No matter what time is perfect for your appointment, we are here for you at Cobblestone Dental. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment.