Child with his parents looking at his baby teeth in the mirror

Parents often have questions about when their children will be losing their baby teeth. Sometimes it is because a lost tooth is a surprise (was that supposed to come out??) or they think a tooth should have already fallen out and hasn’t.

Children begin to lose their baby teeth (primary teeth) at about 6 years of age. Usually the first to fall out are the front teeth (the central incisors). The last baby tooth usually falls out at about 12. Generally, the first tooth in is the first tooth out, so if your child got 4 teeth in all at the same age, it is not uncommon for those teeth to all fall out at about the same time—causing a big gummy smile!

Baby teeth will typically become loose when there is a permanent tooth below it that is starting to push out. However, children do sometimes lose a tooth early if there is an accident, or dental disease. If your child is under 4 and begins to lose teeth, or over 8 and has not lost any, consult the dentist to ensure there is not a problem or underlying disease.

Regular dental checkups are important for children as soon as their first baby teeth erupt, and we will walk through the process of care of baby teeth and the transition to adult teeth through your child’s life. We look forward to offering full family dentistry to your entire family. Call us at 480-400-9223 for an appointment today.